Project Planning/Tracking

In today’s business and governmental environment, transparency is key. To successfully provide the school facilities your community needs, it is more critical than ever to establish and maintain credibility with a diverse group of stakeholders including teachers, students, parents, school board members, community groups, bond oversight committees and local media outlets. Easy access to information facilitated by social media outlets like Twitter and Facebook have increased the expectations of these stakeholders, requiring you to consistently produce accurate and professional reports and respond to special requests on very short notice. If you fail to provide these stakeholders with the information they expect, your school district can run the very real risk of losing the support of the community and limiting or eliminating your school district’s access to critical funding sources.

Does your district struggle to meet these challenges?

After 30 years of working with school districts we have learned that districts face many challenges in meeting these expectations including:


Staff Turnover 

Your facilities funding program is constantly evolving and will span 10-30 years, eclipsing the average tenure of most, if not all, your staff. Effectively transferring critical information during transitions without a common understanding and shared platform is impossible.

Lack of Expertise

The rules and regulations governing your program are complicated and overwhelming. Additionally, new rules and regulations are constantly being passed and implemented. Keeping up to date while attending to your other responsibilities is exhausting.

Specialized Consultants

The attorneys and consultants utilized by your district understand their individual component of your program very well, leaving you with the difficult task of putting all the pieces together. This approach limits your ability to give your team effective direction and communicate the status of your program.

Inadequate Tools

The accounting processes and tools provided by the district’s fiscal system are designed around the district’s operational budget and accounting requirements. Typical fiscal systems are ill-equipped to handle the multi-year nature of your facilities funding program and the various reporting requirements. This inadequacy leaves you and your staff to fend for yourselves with an infrastructure built on an unsure footing of custom spreadsheets and staff memories - making it almost impossible to confidently respond to requests in a timely manner.

Let KeyAnalytics navigate these challenges for you!

KeyAnalytics’ unique mix of ever-improving software and knowledgeable consultants empowers you and your team to overcome these challenges to build and maintain credibility, while navigating this complex and evolving environment. This is achieved by providing you the support you need in the following critical areas:

  • Project Revenue and Expenditure Tracking and Reporting
  • Dynamic Cash Flow Planning
  • Strategic Revenue Allocation Consulting
  • Citizen Oversight Committee Reports and Support
  • State and IRS Audit Support
  • Records Retention and Retrieval
  • Ongoing Municipal Market Disclosure Services